Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just food for thought... :)

Today I was sent an email/chain mail from a staunchly religious friend, with a link to a website dedicated to highlighting Muslims converting to Christianity. She was very excited about the topic. Here is the link:

Here follows my email reply:

My Friend,

Perhaps you would like this video about a Priest called to Islam by none other than Jesus?

Or perhaps you would like stories and videos about Christians who convert to Hinduism?

Or is it more likely that... just like a modern Bedouin tribesman born in Saudi Arabia prefers to hear about converts to Islam,

or just like a lady born in the Punjab region of India would likes stories of former Christians taking up the Vedic Texts and finding peace and enlightenment in Lord Vishnu,

or just like a Persian from 2,500 years ago would have preferred hearing about new converts to Zoroaster,

or just like a person born in Egypt 4,000 years ago would have liked to hear about new worshipers of Ra or Atan...

that you yourself, only because you were born into Christianity, prefer to hear about new Christian converts?

Ultimately, the overwhelming determining factor in your religious beliefs depend almost soley on where you are born and/or raised, nothing more and nothing less.

If you had been born in Saudi Arabia, you would be extolling to me the "virtues" and "Truth" of Isam... and sending out quotes from Joel Olsteen's Islamic counterparts.

If you had been born into a North American Apache Indian tribe 200 years ago, you would speak to me of the Trickster Coyote and the Thunderbird.

Of course, anyone can convert from ANY religion to ANY religion... and they do.

I can point out entire websites devoted to nothing but Christians becoming Muslims... the same can be said for Hindu sites showing and describing converts to their various Gurus...

BUT THE POINT is that all of these converts on all sides are in relatively very small numbers... the simple Truth, is that ones religion is determined by that which one covets first... that which one sees and knows first... that which one is born into.

And it is not a numbers game such as, "well I think my religion is true because I have more converts"... many religions dominated the globe in terms of sheer numbers throughout history... but this fact doesn't make them anymore True, than any other religion.

Sooo, before you make claims about your particular faith being the right one based on "your feelings"... just remember, that "your feelings" feel good, and right, and true, because that is what you have been most likely born into... not much else to it.

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  1. Brilliant post stating what should be obvious!